Obama’s Shrewd (Or Not) Debt Ceiling End-Game

President Obama. Click for attribution information.

Surely, President Obama comprehends that the radical “Tea Party Caucus”–the group of destructive political ventriloquists for whom John Boehner has become a hapless wooden dummy–cares not one whit about the full faith and credit of the federal government, nor about the calamitous impact a national credit default would have on our anemic economy.  Surely, the President knows that given their anti-government ideology and their anti-Obama bigotry, the new Republican nihilists welcome, rather than fear, the governmental impotence and paralysis their intransigence will effectuate.  And inasmuch as President Obama undoubtedly understands that the forces now controlling the Republican Party have no interest in reaching an agreement with him, ever, on anything, surely he’s offered them virtually everything they’ve asked for only because he astutely knows they’ll turn him down, giving him the political cover he needs to execute a last-minute, 14th Amendment-inspired, Presidential override of the debt ceiling.

Surely, that’s his plan. 


Well, let’s hope so.  Let’s hope the President is that shrewd.  Because if he’s not–if his slow but consistent capitulation on point after supposedly non-negotiable point is not part of some grander, craftier, smarter-than-they-are plan—if he has no secret arrow in his quiver, no end-game strategy for averting catastrophe when the last minute arrives and the Republicans are still saying “No”–well, then, our President will have failed us miserably.

I’m hopeful Barack Obama will be shrewd enough not to fail us.  But as the end-game approaches, I’ll admit–I’m also a little bit queasy.

~~Kenn Shapiro

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