Please, Mr. President—Golf!

Public domain image/Pixabay

I concede that there’s value—real value—in pointing out the hypocrisy of Trump’s frequent presidential golf outings—a frequency level well outpacing that of his predecessor, whose golfing schedule Trump harshly and repeatedly criticized. As with his countless other instances of duplicity, Trump’s golf hypocrisy is yet another of the incessant mendacious utterings flooding from his mouth like pressurized water from a fire hose, and we must constantly expose and denounce each and every instance of such hypocrisy, so as not to allow the president’s misanthropic behavior to become an accepted, normalized fact of American life.

So, yes, I’m on board with highlighting the hypocrisy. 

But if every minute Trump spends on a golf course is one less minute he spends attending to his presidential duties, well, then I say: Tee ’em up, Mr. President. Play another round or two. Bring out Bannon and Sessions and Kushner for a foursome, have Spicer and Nunes carry your clubs, spend some time on the driving range, work out some yips on the putting green—hell, turn it into a week-long junket!  

Whatever might occur in your absence—it can’t be half as bad as when you’re around.

~~Kenn Shapiro

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