Plagued By His Incompetence

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Never send a memo to a man who doesn’t read,
Never try to reason with a mule,
Don’t expect a grifter to show grace in times of need,
Don’t expect discernment from a fool.

One who’s never wrong has no idea of what is right,
One who touts his genius plainly lacks,
Ego doesn’t substitute for character or might,
Ego hides a mess of molten wax.

Crisis calls for selflessness, for aptitude and thought,
Crisis begs for unity and poise,
Small men answer stress with mindless chaos, overwrought,
Small men take to ranting, blame, and noise.

Daily blabs our small man, hawking grievance over care,
Daily blurts this foul and turgid heap,
Plagued by guile and fecklessness our blowhard fogs the air,
Plagued by his incompetence—we weep.

~~Kenn Shapiro

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