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A Picture Is Worth…

5 Jul

Kenn Shapiro“I really like your blog,” a friend said to me, several weeks ago, “but sometimes I wish there weren’t so many words.”

On the matter of readers’ reactions to my writing, I’m an adherent of the retailer’s code: The customer is always right.  Once a writer places a text in front of a reader, the reader’s resulting sentiment, whatever it may be, is—for that reader—always legitimate.  Taste, preference, sensibilities, opinions—these are internal, personal matters.  One person may love cherry pie.  Another may hate it.  Neither is wrong.

FreshPhotoPicScreencapAnd so I took my friend’s comment to heart, on two levels:  First, as a reminder always to pay attention to rhythm and pace when I write (lest any readers grow weary and stop in the middle), and second, as a reminder that some people simply prefer forms of expression other than writing.  Indeed, on this latter point, I must admit—sometimes, so do I.

Sometimes, I prefer lens to pens.

Which is why I’m pleased to introduce Fresh Rhetoric’s companion blog, Fresh PhotoPic.   Created as a vehicle for the output of my occasional shutter-snapping, Fresh Photopic is presented with the hope that those who enjoy the visual arts might find some pleasure in my random captures.  Stop by, check it out, subscribe if you like (it’s free).

But don’t stay away for good—Fresh PhotoPic will have the pictures, but Fresh Rhetoric will have the words!


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