His Great and Unmatched Wisdom

A madman holds the castle,
Barking fiercely like a hound,
A frothing, feral lunatic,
Deluded, foul, unbound.

A gut that’s fat with garbage,
Bloated cheeks that crowd the eyes,
A psyche weak, inferior,
A tongue that’s fat with lies.

His sunrise haps at evening,
Night is day and west is east,
His menu: Those around him,
Swallowed whole, a glut’nous feast.

Bereft of learned counsel,
Self-inflated, tight and vain,
His reign, the stuff of blighted fools,
That leaves a wake of pain.

So minions gild his droppings
As his minders bide his whims—
And lonely,
In the harbor,
Lady’s fabled torch bedims.

~~Kenn Shapiro

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